Let Love Reign in Your Home

Show your martyr’s spirit in the daily arena of your life, in your home, with your husband, with your wife… Let love reign in your house. When you see that your spouse has wronged you, don’t start shouting about how much you are in the right. It doesn’t matter what is correct, but what the other person wants. Get out of the way. Deny yourself. Put the other person first. This is life-bestowing death; this is soul-saving martyrdom.

– Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra

As Christians, we are all called to death, either through marriage or through celibacy. In the Orthodox wedding ceremony, the bride and groom receive crowns that symbolize the martyrs’ crowns as a reminder that this is their chosen path of life-bestowing death. But life happens and we forget that this is the death we have chosen. We forget to die to ourselves and forget what it means to do so. It means that when your husband is rude to you, you stay silent. When your wife makes food you don’t like, you eat it without complaining and tell her it is fine. Boy, how I need this reminder every day!


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