The Cinnamon Roll Debacle

The Rolls: In Process

This morning I embarked on an adventure into making Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. I had no idea what an adventure it would be. 3 hours, 12 cups of 3 types of flour (we ran out of normal after 6 cups and had to use whatever else we had), and 2 batches later, the dough is currently rising (we hope). I had to enlist my mom after 2 hours because the first batch wouldn’t rise. She worked on fixing it while I started over with a second batch. All of this to say, we are hoping to have cinnamon rolls sometime today (so much for breakfast).

All of this has been frustrating to me. I hate failure. I hate being unsuccessful, especially when other people find out! But what is so amazing is that I fail most of the time. Perfection is, well, being perfect. Even when I think I have done something perfectly, I probably haven’t. What great pride it is on my part to despise my failures when they constitute the huge majority of my attempts.

Lately I have been learning a thing or two about perfection. I’m learning that it takes time. I have always assumed that if I worked hard enough, spent enough time understanding scripture, and really tried my best, that I would reach perfection. What I am learning is that true growth is slow. It won’t happen today, or tomorrow, or even this year, at least not in the quantities that I would notice. But if I participate in the life of the Church and am faithful to live my life in such a way that I am becoming one with Christ, that change will happen. Within the fullness of the Church, the Christian life becomes the Christian life and true growth happens. We really do believe that we can become like Christ but it takes time.

With the right attitude (or attitude adjustment), it may even happen while failing at making cinnamon rolls.


One response to “The Cinnamon Roll Debacle

  1. Oh cinnamon rolls… what a debacle!! Rae I am thankful God allowed our paths to cross in such a wonderful way. I am sure those cinnamon rolls came out great and I can not wait to try one sometime. God is so faithful and gentle with us while we struggle to overcome our flesh in becoming more like Him. I love you!

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