What is the Orthodox Church? The Eucharist

As early as the time of Ignatius’ writing (around 107 AD), the Church was thought of as a Eucharistic society, one that only realizes its true nature when celebrating the Supper of the Lord (The Orthodox Church, Ware). Each time a body of believers came together to celebrate and partake of the Lord’s body and blood, there was the Church in all its fullness. Communion today is primarily about “remembering” Jesus’ sacrifice and death, instead of partaking of the actual event. You may be thinking, ok, so why is this important? Think about this: what is the difference between remembering an event as if it happened today and actually partaking of the event? Is there a difference?


2 responses to “What is the Orthodox Church? The Eucharist

  1. Well done! With the amount of words you used, I can’t think of a better explanation of the difference between the usual Protestant approach and the historic Christian approach to the Eucharist.

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