The End of Disappointment

Why do we experience disappointment? Is it because we get so easily attached to an idea or a direction? Even when changes are for the better, it is easy to feel discouraged or disappointed in the change. My personal thought is that we weren’t made for endings, we simply were not made for them. The human spirit was not created for death and in every ending, there is a death: death of an idea, of a dream, of a person,of a place, or of a feeling. Sometimes a change feels like new life, like a rebirth, and those kinds of changes often don’t bring disappointment, but sometimes even in those there is a hint, at least there is for me.

I’ve wondered sometimes why I feel sad when my favorite show comes to an end (the forever end, not just the end of an episode) and I am convinced that it is unnatural. Death was not part of the original plan and as an Orthodox Christian, I believe that Jesus came to abolish death. This is good news, not just when they cancel my favorite show but also for all of my being. I have been made alive in Christ and live in Him and He in me. And this is very good news.


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