The Night Before Easter Morning

Tonight I sit and think about what was happening tonight in AD 28. A group of people were sitting around, probably not sleeping. They were thinking about how their leader, suspected by some to be God, was dead. Dead. Can you imagine that? We killed God. We killed God. What an incredible thought, what hubris to think we could do such a thing. But that’s the amazing part about Christianity: believing that we killed God doesn’t create pride but humility.

We believe that a just and merciful God looked down on depraved and sinful humanity and chose to redeem them by sending His Son to die for them. The fact that we killed God produces humility because God allowed us to do it. The almighty and sovereign God of the universe allowed us to murder His Son so that He could become a propitiation for us.  He made Him who knew no sin to become sin for us.

Folks these days get really excited about the fact that Jesus died for them, but they fail to recognize who Jesus really died for. Jesus died for the Father. Jesus died for the glory of God, not for the glory of humanity. So in the midst of our excitement about the death and resurrection of Jesus, may we always remember who this day is really all about. It’s really all about a glorious God who made His name famous by His rescue mission.


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