Tonight at sundown marks the beginning of Passover 2011. As I pondered this while heading to my dinner break at work, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. Though I am not Jewish, it is incomprehensible to be a Christian and not understand your Jewish roots. This understanding causes a deep respect and adoration of God’s purposes and plans through the ages. Knowing that millions of Jews all over the world begin tonight a celebration that they have kept for thousands of years caused my heart to nearly burst.

It was all I could do to get to a quiet place where I could literally fall to my knees and begin praying. The first thought in my mind was of what the Passover commemorates. The physical representation of the passover lamb’s slaughter, its application to the door frames, and the subsequent exodus out of Egypt is unbelievable. That God would purpose to preach the gospel over and over and over and over again throughout the last 4,000 years speaks so loudly of His glory and His love for us. The Jewish’s people salvation and redemption over and over throughout the years through Joseph, Moses, Cyrus, Esther, and many more is so phenomenal. God promised that He would never leave them and He has never allowed them to cease to exist. And it’s not like people haven’t tried! But they live on, certainly the oldest group of people who not only exist but celebrate the same holidays and worship the same God. Oh the faithfulness of God! May we never forget this people, the apple of God’s eye. And may we never cease to pray for peace in Jerusalem and the return of the Messiah.


2 responses to “Passover

  1. I know just thinking about it is so very over whelming! I wish we could experience an authentic passover one day. I try to put myself in their shoes and imagine what it would be like to live with that heritage my whole life. AMAZING!! Thank you God for NEVER giving up on us!

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