Late Nights at the Hospital

There is nothing quite like working nights… except perhaps working overnight (that would be much worse I’m sure!). When everything is quiet and still, you have so much time to think. Sometimes probably too much time. But anyways, tonight I’m thinking about life and how weird it is sometimes. Both good weird and bad weird and you never know which one is going to be which.

Right now, I think I have a wonderful combination of both. I’ve got one situation that is gloriously weird but great. Its the kind of weird that only God could do, bringing people into my life out of nowhere to create an awesome time of fellowship. I like that kind of weird because it can only be attributed to a gloriously wonderful God who cares about His creation, our needs and desires. He knows when we need to let go and when we need to hold on. He knows when we need fellowship and when we need to be alone. I love that about Him.

Conversely, I’ve got another situation that is awkwardly weird. The kind of situation that is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and nobody knows quite what to do about it. Shoot. Those kind are not quite so fun. However, that kind is the maturing kind. That is the kind that God uses to bring about growth and wisdom. So in that way, I guess I like that kind too, even though I don’t like it.

I’ve always wondered why my mother is so wise and I think I’m learning that its because she’s lived through lots of weirdness in her life, both wonderful and awkward. I suppose that means that I need to live through lots more weird situations to grow up to be like my mom.

In that case, bring on the weirdness! Lord, use the weirdness in my life the way that you want to, for growth, encouragement, wisdom, maturity, and happiness. Please be in charge because you know much better than I do that its a mess otherwise. 🙂


One response to “Late Nights at the Hospital

  1. Great thought Rachel! Those late nights at the hospital really do bring about some interesting thoughts sometimes! Maturing is an interesting process in which we tend to find ourselves most of our lives I think. I would say the moment we stop maturing is when we stop breathing. Also with that maturity comes the wisdom you desire and each day you become a step closer. Thanks for sharing and sorry if this does not make sense it is late… LOL!

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