Love Day

In honor of the day it is most sad to be single, I felt I should post a blog somewhat less theological and a bit more personal.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for two reasons. First, it was the celebration of my youngest brother’s birth – always a day to be happy. Second, a friend of mine welcomed her first born child into the world – a fantastic day to be happy.

My friend’s daughter, while definitely not my own, is part of my own story and I am thrilled to have been a tiny part of it. God has made old things new, taken away reproach and unforgiveness, and given me a whole new attitude. They never would have met (2 years later) if I hadn’t invited him to come to my church at the beginning of my relationship with her husband. If they had never met, that baby would not exist, and the world would be less one happy marriage and beautiful baby. Perhaps it was not the road I would have chosen (EVER!) but, God has been faithful to bring the road to a place that glorifies Him

Oh, the faithfulness of God! How wonderful are your ways, even when we don’t understand. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


3 responses to “Love Day

  1. God is always faithful even when we think He has thrown us in the mud and forgotten! I love you… Happy Valentines Day.


  2. What a great outlook! God is truly faithful, even when we can’t see what lies ahead. His plan is always best. I love you, my baby girl!

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